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Movie Moments Gasprin and Tow Cap Out Now

Movie Moments 2 pack Gasprin and Tow Cap are out now. This means they should be showing up soon at a retailer near you. Gasprin and Tow Cap are Piston Cup racers (see the picture below). They are part of Movie Moments case E. Gasprin and Tow Cap are the only new Cars in case E, but they are 2 per case supposedly, which means they should be easier to find, in theory.

Here is the full assortment of Movie Moments case E.

Here is an image of the Gasprin & Tow Cap 2 pack.

Movie Moments Gasprin and Tow Cap 2 pack


Dinoco Mia & Tia Movie Moments Out Now

Dinoco Mia & Tia are now starting to show up on eBay, along with Movie Moments case C, which means these are now in the US. As far as I know, they are not showing up at retail yet, but be on the lookout. They should show up at retail in a few weeks.

As far as I know, Dinoco Mia and Tia are the only new Cars in Movie Moments case C. But they are 2 per case, and there are some other 2 packs included that have been previously hard to find. Here is the list of what’s included in Movie Moments case C.

Here is an image of the Dinoco Mia & Tia 2 pack.

Dinoco Mia and Tia 2 pack

Flik & P.T. Flea Movie Moments 2 Pack

If you have been wondering what happened to the Flik & P.T. Flea Movie Moments 2 pack, we may have an answer for you. Flik & P.T. Flea have been showing up on eBay outside the US for weeks now, but none have made it to the US yet. I haven’t heard a reason why this is taking so long to show up over here. As a result, prices remain high as they are only available outside the US so far.

That may be changing however. There is currently an eBay seller in California that has one up for auction. Does this mean we will start seeing more Flik and P.T. Flea at stores in the US soon? We can only wait and see.

Cars 2006 Factory Sealed Set

At San Diego Comic Con this year, Mattel had a drawing for a set of Cars known as the 2006 Factory Sealed Set. This is a set of the first 30 Cars all on the desert cardbacks, including singles and Movie Moments. You can see the picture at the bottom of this post. Credit goes to Two a Day for the image and the info.

There were 500 made, and two were given away at San Diego, which means there are 498 left. It has been rumored for a while that Mattel would be putting this set up for sale sometime through their web site. It has now been announced that the remaining sets will go up for sale through on November 27, 2007 at 9 AM PT.

No price has been announced yet, but you can expect anywhere from $149 to $249. Also, the only thing special about this set is the inclusion of Dirt Track McQueen and Rollin’ Bowlin’ Mater on the desert background cards. This will be the first time those Cars appear individually carded on the desert cardbacks, and this set is the only place you can get them for now.

To me, this set is only for completists to get the McQueen and the Mater, or for those collectors that want a really rare collectors item. But if you really want the McQeen and Mater, you could wait and see if someone will break the set and put them on eBay.

Mattel Cars 2006 Factory Sealed Set

Cars Movie Moments for 2008 has posted a list of upcoming Cars Movie Moments case assortments for the rest of 2007 and 2008, which are now available for pre-order starting with case A. Going through the list, I noticed some interesting ones that I thought I would post here.

I am only pointing out the ones that we have not seen individually or available everywhere yet. I have also posted with each one the case designation. They did not list when these would be available other than case A which is out now. Some of these assortments are likely to be canceled or possibly delayed.

Rusty Rust-eze & Dusty Rust-eze – Release A – Nov. 2007 – out now

Dinoco Mia & Tia – Release C – Mia and Tia with Dinoco paint jobs

PT Flea & Flik – Release E – This interesting because I thought we were supposed to see these after Rusty and Dusty, but the first time they show up on the list is case E.

Gasprin & Tow Cap – Release E – These are Piston Cup racers.

Leakless & 123 No Stall – Release F – This is the No Stall that was previously only available in the Dinoco 400 Target exclusive set.

Tumble Weed Lightning McQueen & Doc Hudson – Release G – Tumble Weed McQueen is, I’m guessing, McQueen with tumbleweeds from when he crashes in the desert.

Lightning McQueen & Kori Turbowitz – Release J – Kori Turbowitz has only been available so far as a Wal-Mart exclusive.

Andretti & Patti – Release L – This is Mario Andretti and Patti is his wife?

Race Damage King & Lightning McQueen – Release M – Race damage King sounds interesting, probably from when he crashes in the big race at the end of the movie.

Chick Pitty (aka Bruiser) & Chick Hicks – Release N – The Chick pitty or Bruiser was only previously available as a Wal-Mart exclusive.

Here is the full list that was posted, taking out duplicate entries. I’m assuming all of these will have the World of Cars packaging and not the Supercharged. Packaging completists that have to have one of everything, you can start freaking out now.

Sally & Crusin McQueen
Mike & Sullly
Luigi & Guido
Luigi & Guido & Tractor
Ramone & Flo
Boost & Snot Rod
Red with Stanley
Mr and Mrs The King
Rusty Rust-eze & Dusty Rust-eze
Guidio (Whitewall tires) & Luigi, and Michael Schumacher
Mia & Tia
Tex Dinoco & Dinoco Lightning McQueen
Dinoco Mia & Tia
Fillmore & Sarge
Bob Cutlass & Cartrip
PT Flea & Flick
Gascap & Gasprin
Buzz & Woody
Leakless & 123 No St.
Tumble Weed Lightning McQueen & Doc Hudson
Fillmore & Lightning McQueen (Whitewall)
Lightning McQueen & Kori Turbowitz
Andretti & Patti
Race Damage King & Lightning McQueen
Chick Pitty (aka Bruiser) & Chick Hicks

Rusty and Dusty Movie Moments 2 Pack Now on eBay

Multiple sellers on eBay have the Rusty and Dusty Cars Movie Moments 2 pack up for sale. So are these out at retail anywhere? If they are, then the Flik and P.T. Flea Movie Moments should be out as well, as they are part of the same assortment. Update: it looks like the Flik and P.T. Flea movie moments 2 pack isn’t part of this assortment, so you may have to wait for those.

The price on the Rusty and Dusty 2 pack is only going to climb on eBay. Before you pay the high prices, know that soon they are just as likely to be found at retail, so my advice is to wait. Hopefully, they will start showing up soon and be easier to find than the Mia and Tia and Mr. and Mrs. King Movie Moments. I still have not been able to find those at retail yet.

Mr. and Mrs. King Movie Moments Out Now

Well, it seems that the Cars recall incident is mostly over. Toys R Us and Wal-Mart are starting to restock Cars and are getting new ones in. As a result, the new Movie Moments 2 packs are starting to show up now.

In addition to Mia and Tia, the Mr. and Mrs. King 2 pack is now out at retail stores. These are showing up now on eBay as well, so look for them at a store near you soon.

Update – 10/17/07: The Mr. and Mrs. King Movie Moments 2 pack is now available up Availability comes and goes, but it in stock as of this posting. If it is not available, keep checking.

Mia and Tia Movie Moments Out Now

Seems like even with most retail stores recalling all the diecast Cars, new Cars are making it to the US more and more. Which brings us to the new Movie Moments 2 packs, which are starting to show up now.

The first of these is Mia and Tia, the Cars based off of the Mazda Miata, and are Lightning McQueen’s biggest fans. At least they start out that way. When Lightning falls off the radar, they switch to supporting Chick Hicks.

Anyway, these are showing up now on eBay, so look for them to hit retail soon, hopefully.

Update: Looking at the forums, the new Movie Moments are showing up at Wal-Mart and Toys R Us.