Cars Hunt #022108

I stopped by Toys R Us in Knoxville, TN yesterday to look for Cars once again. Yet, I left very frustrated. Let me just say that they have a ton of World of Cars stuff, Movie Moments, single carded, 3 packs, gift packs and playsets. But all of it is old. I didn’t find one new Car. The most recent thing I found was Pit Crew Doc and Fillmore.

The problem with this is that they are stocked full, but they are all old Cars. They even have a sale on right now, buy 2 get 1 free. This might help move it, but I doubt it unless a brand new collector comes in that needs to catch up on a lot of old ones. What will happen is, this store won’t order any new stock until the old is running out.

This is a problem for Mattel, as well as collectors. Mattel will see sales languishing at stores like this. These old Cars, or peg warmers, are going to languish there for a long time, especially now that Christmas is over. So I probably won’t find any new stock there for a long time. This is going to keep happening at retail stores as long as Mattel continues to short pack new Cars, like they have always done, forcing collectors like me to go to eBay to find any new stuff.

Rating: Bad



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  1. Blake on

    I am not sure when this website became a bitchfest about not getting waht you want but there are many other places to get products. You have to be wise about it. Toys R currently has the new releases online available. They are Not Chuck, Tom, and Tow and Dinoco Mia and Tia. Check it out. Maybe that can release some stress. And RELAX they will come out.

  2. Quad on

    Thanks for your comments. I don’t see it as a bitchfest. I am simply trying to give an account of the state of the retail market for diecast Cars toys. I’m sure there are many frustrated collectors and parents out there as well.

    I am not stressed out about it either. I have learned to be patient and wait but the simple fact is that you can’t get the new ones because there is not enough to go around. Unless you are talking about waiting months.

    By the way, none of the Cars you mentioned are currently in stock on, so it seems that would prove my point more than it would serve to back up your arguement.

    I’ll tell you what, from now on I’ll try to tone down the complaining and be more positive about it, mmkay?

  3. javier on

    screw that you’re right it’s crap how mattel and and all the stores that carry the cars hold back new stuff they are forcing people to go online to find them and pay even more money then what they are sold for its a scam to get more money out of people and do we really need several different styles of the same car i mean c’mon red wheels, white wheels,pit crew pilmore,doc,and guido unnecessary lightning & ghostlight ramone he’s not even in the movie

  4. Blake on

    Ok now seriously? Is there a government conspiracy? I have all the toys so maybe I’m not as cynical…. However…. I do have to say I don’t think that they are holding back. If the pegs are full what more can you want? I mean really? I’m not a Mattel rep or anything either… I just think it’s odd.

    Those products on Toys r us btw are going to be stocked items they are just new to the site today. So keep watch. Toys r us has been my best online supplier and to my best supplier online store wise. And maybe I was wrong about Bitchfest. It just seems whiney. I used to love this blog. You do such a nice job! IT’s a great fan fav!!1 I hope to keep it that way! I look forward to seeing your posts!

    As for them making more and more and more…. Do it surprise you? LOL I mean really. Most of the toys are from the movie, and most are awesome! No one is forcing us to collect. We are doing it by choice. đŸ˜› KEep the chins up kids!

  5. javier on

    yes there is a conspiracy why can i find tons of 3 packs for $10 to get 1 new car(Lightning ramone, pace car) and 2 old ones thats $20 for 2 new cars and 4 old ones but i cant find 1 car by itself (tow, my name is not chuck,tom) i know that they are not forcing me to collect but at least put out the different cars before you put out the redo’s of the same ones and with that yes this is a great site and i for one will stop whining

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