First Cars Toy Fair ’08 Gallery

Okay, I have been searching for Cars pictures from Toy Fair and have been unable to find any so far, until tonight that is. TNI has the first Cars picture gallery from Toy Fair 2008 I have been able to find so far. There are several die cast Cars, plus Cars Minis and some other items. Here are the diecast Cars currently being shown.

  • Van
  • Tire McQueen
  • RSN Chopper
  • RPM Pitty
  • Octane Gain Pitty
  • Chick Hicks Crew Chief
  • No Stall Crew Chief
  • Dinoco Pitty
  • Dinoco Crew Chief
  • Tank Coat Pitty
  • Mario Andretti (red wheels)
  • Patti
  • Wrecked King
  • Tumbleweed McQueen

By my count, only 14 new Cars are being shown. I am disappointed. Four of them are Pittys, which I could do without. Plus, my predictions were way off. Only six of the ones I predicted showed up. Unless, the old green car is on my list. I don’t know the official name of that one. I do like the changed Mario Andretti with the movie accurate red wheels. You do know the red wheels on Mario Andretti are movie accurate, right?

I hope we see more Cars galleries, and maybe some more Cars will show up. Toy Fair’s not over yet! If I got some of the names of these wrong and you have the correct names, please leave them in the comments.


2 comments so far

  1. Erinn on

    The Old Green Car is Patti – Mario Andretti’s assistant.

  2. Quad on

    Thanks. I have now updated the list to reflect that.

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