Cars Hunt #021708

Last night, Sunday, Feb. 17th, I was hunting for Cars at Wal-Mart in Knoxville, TN. They actually had a lot of Cars, but I didn’t find anything new that I didn’t have already. I am not a completist, so I don’t buy everything, but I have almost everything. The only thing new that I didn’t have was Pit Crew Guido. I passed on that one because it’s so similar to the original one from the Movie Moments 2 pack.

There was still some interesting finds there which got my hopes up at first only to be disappointed later. On the shelf, I found several Freds, plus Tongue McQueen and Darrell Cartrip both on the World of Cars cardback which I hadn’t seen yet. I also found Ghostlight Ramone on the World of Cars cardback.

The cool find was the new 4 sided display out in the main aisle in front of the toy section. It had been picked over so I didn’t find any of the latest ones, like Dudley Spare, Charlie Checker, Tow or Not Chuck. I did find Tom Race Official, Pit Crew Guido and Ghostlight Ramone along with some older Cars on the new World of Cars cardback, like Mario Andretti.

In addition, the other sides of the display had the mini Cars 2 packs on one side and the Cars 3 packs on the other side. All the 3 packs were there except for the Dinoco Dream gift pack with Gold Mia & Tia.

So if you need some of the Cars I listed above, get to your local Wal-Mart quick to check for the new display. Hopefully, you’ll get luckier than I did.

Rating: Good

Lightning McQueen


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