Are You Ready for Toy Fair ’08?

The 2008 New York Toy Fair is just 3 days away, February 17-20. The big question on Cars collectors minds is, what new Cars toys will Mattel have on display? Well, the obvious and easy answer is anything that was shown already that’s not out yet and anything new that has already been announced. This ranges from Piston Cup race cars, Movie Moments 2 packs, more boxed sets and gift packs and retailer exclusives. Really though, Cars collectors should be ready for anything. Here are my predictions, plus how likely I think it is to come true.

The missing Cars from cases E-J (very likely):

  • Chief Trunk Fresh
  • Dinoco Crew Chief
  • Marco Super FAV18 (Jet)
  • Octane Gain Crew Chief
  • Pit Crew Sarge
  • Richard Clayton Kensington (Security Van)

Piston Cup Racers (almost certainly):

  • Apple (#84)
  • Bumper Save (#90)
  • Creme Filled Gask-its (#80)
  • Easy Idle (#51)
  • Gasprin (#70)
  • Lil’ Torque Pistons (#117)
  • Mood Springs (#33)
  • No Stall (#123)
  • Octane Gain (#58)
  • Retread (#79)
  • Rev-N-Go (#73)
  • Shifty Drug (#35)
  • Shiny Wax (#82)
  • Spare Mint (#93)
  • Sputter Stop (#92)
  • Tach-O-Mint (#101)
  • Tank Coat (#36)
  • Tow Cap (#4)
  • Transberry Juice (#63)
  • Vinyl Toupee (#76)
  • Vitoline (#61)

Other Cars (very likely):

  • Luke (Dinoco pit crew member)
  • Tar Lightning McQueen
  • Racing Sports Network Helicopter
  • Chick Hicks Pit Crew Chief
  • Dinoco Toys R US Gift Pack
  • Anime Chuki

Rest of the Cars announced through June 2008 (likely):

  • Octane Gain Pitty
  • Van
  • Lightning Storm McQueen
  • Mini
  • Yellow Pitty Leak Less
  • Cora Copter
  • Jay Limo
  • Ron Hover

As you can see, I am being pretty ambitious here. How will I do? Stay tuned to find out. Here is what I would be excited to see: Jay Limo, Lightning Storm McQueen, Anime Chuki, the Apple Car, rest of the Hummers (including Sven Hummer) and Marco Super FAV18. What are your predictions and what would you like to see? Leave ’em in the comments.


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