Three Reasons Why Another Cars Wal-Mart Exclusive Wave is a Bad Idea

So there’s a rumor going around, that a new Cars Wal-Mart exclusive wave may be in the works soon. There are several reasons why this is a strong possibility, and I won’t go into those reasons here. Instead, I’m going to give reasons why another Cars Wal-Mart exclusive wave is a BAD idea.

Reason #1 – Distribution at Wal-Mart is terrible. Last year’s Cars Wal-Mart exclusives were pretty much a disaster. As the first series came in, some stores put them out before they were supposed to and some stores never got any. This resulted in collectors in some areas of the country getting them way before other collectors did causing a false sense of scarcity.

Distribution of the second series was much lower than the first due to the restocking of the first wave. The first wave sold so fast that many stores heavily restocked the first wave about the same time the second wave came in. This led to the pegs being clogged with the first series and no room to put out the newer, second wave. As a result, the second wave was harder to find than the first one, and the first wave can still be found warming the pegs at many Wal-Mart stores today. In addition, there are some places in the US that don’t have a Wal-Mart store or only have one in their area.

Reason #2 – Exclusives help scalpers and hoarders maintain scarcity and drive up prices on the secondary market. When the first series came out, they were snatched up fast and were hard to find at many stores, even after being out for awhile, until they were restocked later. As a result, prices for the first wave initially shot up on the secondary market. The second wave ended up being harder to find than the first, so collectors who couldn’t find them were forced to pay high prices on the secondary market as well if they wanted a complete collection.

Wal-Mart is already a friend to the scalper. Many collectors and scalpers work at Wal-Mart or know someone that works at Wal-Mart. Their connections give them the ability to get new Cars before anyone else has a chance at them. You can argue that there is nothing wrong with this. However, it causes scarcity which drives up prices on the secondary market. This is what makes scalping attractive in the first place. So you can see, Wal-Mart already contributes to this problem enough without having exclusives.

Reason #3 – Exclusives hurt competition. No competition in any market is always bad. Wal-Mart has been under fire for a long time for using their size as a retailer to drive down prices forcing other companies, like smaller businesses, to lower their prices or get out of the market.

Retailers love exclusives because they know if you want them, you have no choice but to come to their store to get them. They use them to get customers to come in for the exclusives and shop for other things as well. This is the only reason Wal-Mart would want to have any kind of exclusive, so don’t go thinking they care about collectors. Exclusives give them an edge over their competitors. Plus, many people don’t like Wal-Mart, so they don’t want to shop there. If you collect Cars, however, you are forced to because of the exclusives.

In spite of the reasons above, the exclusives probably worked out well for Wal-Mart and Mattel. Which makes the chances of it happening again, pretty good. However, I don’t think this is good for collectors and is sure to cause problems for many. There are many moms and dads that buy Cars for their children who don’t have connections and don’t want to or can’t afford to pay high prices on the secondary market. Exclusives especially hurt collectors like these. If you have an opinion on Cars Wal-Mart exclusives, please leave it in the comments below.


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  1. javier on

    tell ya what walmart and mattel can go screw im not a collecter nor do i work at walmart so if that is what is really happening then i will take my money and shop somewhere else i dont need the cars toys that bad besides any walmart ive ever been in always smelled like piss and old cheese

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