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What is in Cars Case F?

Can anyone out there confirm which Cars are in Case F? Case F is just now starting to show up at retailers, and I am seeing several lists of what Cars were supposed to be in it and which Cars are actually showing up.

Now that Mattel changed the assortment for Case E, I believe the list of Cars that we got at the end of last year is no longer accurate. I think that we will still see the same Cars this year just not the same assortments listed there. I wish that Mattel would revise this list so that the retailers, especially those who are pre-selling cases, will have a better idea of what is expected in those cases. It sucks to order cases thinking they will have certain Cars when those have been replaced with repeats.

If you can confirm what Cars are in Case F, please post in the comments below. Thanks.

Update – 2/1/08: No sooner than I ask the question, do I get a response from none other than my other favorite Cars blogger, (besides yours truly of course) metroxing of Two a Day. Here is Two a Day’s post on upcoming Cars assortment changes for 2008 from Mattel. It seems that Mattel is removing a lot of the newer Cars from upcoming assortments. This fits with the pattern we’ve seen recently, and Two a Day makes a good case for another Wal-Mart exclusive assortment of Cars.

Anyway, we now have the next assortments from cases F, G, H, & J (no Box I). In a nutshell, we’ve lost Pit Crew Member Sarge, Richard Clayton Kensington (Security Van), Trunk Fresh Crew Chief, Marco Super FAV-18 (Jet) and Octane Gain Crew Chief. The bad news is they have replaced most of all the “new” in each box with the same old-same old. Since we know that some of these Cars are already in production, due to the charity auction assortment a few months ago, metroxing believes that they are being held back for an upcoming Wal-Mart assortment. It’s up to you to choose whether you believe this or not.


Cars E Case is Out Now

The hits keep coming in the Disney Cars diecast line. The brand new Cars E case that was due out in January is due to ship this week according to retailers. So it should be out soon at a store near you, if it’s not already.

It’s also being reported by Two a Day, in addition to retailers, that the assortment for case E has recently changed. Richard Clayton Kensington (the security van) and Pit Crew Sarge are no longer included in case E, and neither is Tom Race Official. Instead, they are being replaced by Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Ghostlight Ramone. Here is the original assortment that was scheduled for case E.

Here is the new assortment.

New Cars in this assortment include My Name is Not Chuck (the McQueen and Rust-Eze pit crew member) and Tow, the Race Tow Truck. The good news is that it appears that both of the new Cars are 2 per case, so they should be easier to find. Here are some pictures of the Cars from case E.

Ghostlight Ramone

My Name is Not Chuck

Tow Race Tow Truck

New Sponsor: Cars For a Dollar

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